New Dawn


I rise before dawn every weekday; I’ve been doing that for umpteen years.  However, today’s prompt brought back memories of when we lived on the farm.  My commute then was via ferry and certain times of the year we’d be crossing the Sound at sunrise.  What an awesome sight that was!

It’s not so customary for me to rise before dawn on the weekends or holidays.  But one Thanksgiving in particular while we were on the farm I rose before dawn to start the preparations because everyone was coming to our house that year.

While getting the turkey in the oven I watched through kitchen windows as the sun rose over the trees in the pasture.  Pitch black lightened slowly until the trees were silhouetted against clouds limned in peach and rose while the sun glowed gold from just beyond the flagpole.  In the still dark shadows were hints of the buildings and vehicles but not a telephone pole or electrical line in sight – it was like traveling back in time for a brief moment.

Grabbing the camera (this was before my cell phone had a decent camera!) I stepped out on our back deck and snapped this:

Thanksgiving sunset - 2

What a lovely beginning to the day and an even sweeter memory.


Note:  The photo here was taken with my current cell phone of the print I have hanging in my cubicle at work.  




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