DIY Kinda Sorta

This right here is how you keep those nosey neighbors from peeking inside your house:


Yessir, keep those curtains closed even when the cat in residence is home alone!  If you’re thinking those handy-dandy curtain clips look familiar you might be on to something. Check out this close-up:


Ha! Recycling reaches new heights!



Contentment. Sweet solitude.

After the week I had, this lovely, lingering over my solitary breakfast is the ultimate treat.

Perfectly crisp-chewy home fries. Eggs over medium without runny whites! And one of the best, rare steaks I’ve had in a while.  Top it off with a bottomless cup of decent coffee and you have a recipe for a good start to the day.

Since I’ll be spending the rest of the day and a big part of tomorrow with my in-laws, I am reveling in this all-too-rare “Me” time.

And I guess I can take a Greek omelet back to the RV for JD.  After all, he did buy me an Italian margarita at dinner with his family last night.

Day 863: I haven’t got time for … 

At least one of my readers/followers may already know Ann Koplow of The Year(s) of Living Dangerously, because I discovered her blog after she started following mine. Ann is unfailingly positive and yesterday’s post struck a chord with me.

I “haven’t got time for the pain” can be taken differently depending on your outlook. You can say you haven’t got time to WASTE on pain, and work through it to get to the other side. Or you can wallow in it, indulging in a pity party and causing those around you to suffer as well. Or, if the pain is emotional, you can opt out of the relationship – life’s too short to endure the pain.

Next month will be our 17th wedding anniversary. That’s 2 years longer than my first marriage! And eons longer than any of my mother’s many joinings. Our daughter’s nearly-a-year relationship hit a really rough patch in the last couple of weeks. So much so she asked me if she could stay with us if she decided to leave. She doesn’t ask that lightly, she’s very independent. Last night she texted me that they “were good”. It had been exhausting and frustrating but they wanted to move forward. I think it’s reasonable to take a teeny bit of credit here, as she did come to both of us to vent, giving us the opportunity to advise her. Not to mention the example we live every day. She knows I haven’t always been the happiest but she sees that I’m not a quitter. I choose to go on in spite of any pain I might experience, I haven’t got time for it.

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

One benefit of living one’s entire life with a chronic, eventually fatal condition (which we all have, if you think about it):

It can focus you wonderfully on what’s important in the moment.

As a result, I often hear myself saying

“I haven’t got time for this.”

For example, recently I have stated  that I haven’t got time for ...

  • Self-doubt,
  • Anguish about things I cannot control,
  • Pettiness,
  • Rigidity,
  • Unhelpful judgments, and
  • Shame about my own imperfections.

This morning,  as I woke up, I had time to recognize that I was feeling dizzy and nauseated, due to a revisit from Benign Paroxysmal  Positional Vertigo (BPPV) …  probably triggered by my being in the same position for 7 hours last week during cardiac surgery.

And, I said to myself:

I haven’t got time for this.

So, I’ll be working on asking for help to resolve that, today.

In the meantime…

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Eli Stone: A Review

Or maybe I should just call it like I see it – WATCH THIS SHOW!

Television shows come and go.  Some are more popular than others, obviously.  Not that that assures them of a long tenure on the air.  (Firefly rocked but the people in charge dropped it anyway damn it.)

I’ve followed quite a lot of TV shows over the years, from Joan of Arcadia, Farscape and Dead Like Me to The Walking Dead and Orphan Black.  While I enjoy The Big Bang Theory, I’m not often a fan of the sitcoms airing these days.  Co-workers have raved about some of them so I’ve had JD look them up online and given them a look-see only to be disappointed at how lame I find them.  What happened?  Where are the shows like M*A*S*H and Night Court?  When I look back at Night Court now, even though it does seem silly, I still laugh out loud at scenes like the one where Roz has tied Dan Fielding into a human pretzel.

More recently, JD stumbled across a show online that he thought looked interesting.  Since it only lasted two seasons, he saved both of them so we could check it out.

Oh my goodness!  Why didn’t this program last longer than two seasons?!  It only took one episode to hook me; I had to see the next one, and the next.  I let my other shows linger in limbo while we binged on 20-something episodes over the course of several days (I can only watch a couple hours after work before I have to hit the sack).  As we neared the end I started slowing down and including other programs between episodes.  I didn’t want it to end!  Knowing it was truly the end — of the show — not just the season, was heartbreaking.  Okay, that might be a tad of an exaggeration.  But I really loved the show, the characters, the stories, the premise itself!  And part of me dreaded how they ended it.  Would it have closure?  Were they given enough notice to tie up loose ends or wind up the storyline?

No spoilers here folks; watch it yourself and find out.  But to whet your appetites, here are two videos which will give you an idea of what the show is all about.  If it turns out I’m the only one who found this entertaining, then I guess we’ll know why it wasn’t around very long.  But that won’t change that I love this show.  So much that I’ll probably watch both seasons again.  And again.