The 16 year-old in me…

is squeeing after this weekend!

First you have to get a mental image of 16 year-old me: plumpish, 4-eyed, not too popular (to put it mildly).  And I’ve already told you about my lackluster hair.

I spent Saturday with my daughters and it was everything that 16 year old wanted when she was in high school.  We met at one daughter’s house and spent a few hours playing with makeup, hair and giggling.  There was also adult conversation and I was reminded what wonderful women my daughters are.


After the playing we went to get my belated Mother’s Day gift:

Silver bead daith piercing

This, my friends, is a daith piercing.  In fact that beaded silver ring is exactly what Gumby used for my piercing on Saturday.  (Yes, the piercer’s name is Gumby, how cool is that?!  He was a young man but already had 15 years experience as a piercer, having started his apprenticeship at 17.)

I’m not going to link to the research I did on daith piercings (Google is your friend if you’re interested), but a LOT of people claim the piercing helps relieve their migraines.  That alone would not have persuaded me, but one of my daughters had her daith pierced some months back and hasn’t had a debilitating migraine since then!  It seemed worth a shot, especially when the daughters were willing to foot the bill.

It’s only been 2 days so I’ll reserve my opinion on the results.  Two days isn’t a fair test for anything new in my mind.  But check this space in the future – if it works I will definitely be sharing more!