Fortune Cookie Friday is back!

I don’t know about you but to me this fortune says “Yes! Grab ALL the fortune cookies till you find the fortune you want!

Or till you get sick, whatever.



I would say I know how they feel crammed wall to wall in their little cans but that would be a stretch since they’re dead. Does it count that I  wish I was dead?

It’s been a helluva week. First, I worked all day Saturday assisting in preparing exhibits (93 of them!) for a deposition. I know technically Saturday is last week according to our calendars but since last week never ended…you get the drift.  Then Sunday I was back at it because who could finish 93 exhibits in a single day? Maybe Super Secretary but not Janey. 

Monday was more of the same type of thing, but for the deposition of a different witness. Whose exhibits continued into Tuesday. 
Today started off reasonably calm. I was finally able to do some regular work. I even took half an hour for lunch! Then everything went boom and a third deposition needed exhibits prepared. In the middle of printing these ginormous spreadsheets, in color mind you, one of my team who was helping assemble everything, noticed that some of the numbers didn’t match. 

Apparently when the spreadsheets were formatted for printing (NOT by me) the formulae were enabled and the cells recalculated or something. All our printing wasted, and then we found out one of the associates had a “master copy” printout the whole time!

So I made copies, and folded each page of each spreadsheet so they’d fit in a binder. I finally got out of there at 6:30, only 18 minutes after the last train and having worked ten hours. Now I’m on an express bus counting my blessings that at least I have a seat! People are standing up and down the aisle. See? Sardines, sort of.