Glad Tidings!

Yes, I know yesterday was Christmas.  But I figured better late than never.  I hope all of your holidays were lovely!  I’m really, really glad I only had one mimosa yesterday.  Especially since my daughter is generous with the bubbly.  More than one and I might have actually said what I wanted to when The Ex introduced her friend to MY mother-in-law and identified her as HER mother-in-law.

Yep, The Ex is back and annoying as ever.  I love my stepdaughter and would never do anything to spoil her Christmas (they host every year as they have a family-sized home where we all fit nicely).  Let me tell you though, when The Ex told her friend C, “this is my mother-in-law S” I so wanted to say (sweetly of course), “Technically, she’s my mother-in-law.  You gave up that relationship when you took the twins and abandoned your husband in the middle of the night umpteen years ago.”

But I was good peeps.  Seething, but civil.  I gathered up my plate and mimosa and left the table before I could give in to the little devil on my shoulder.  I planted myself across the room, behind the Christmas tree so I wouldn’t have to look at her.  That may have been a mistake, because later, when the gifts had all been opened she had the audacity to tell MY grandson to put away the “Cards Against Humanity” set he’d received.  This isn’t the hosting daughter’s son (The Ex is his grandmother too) but another daughter’s son who came to stay for the week.  She had no business telling him what to do and if I had been where I could stare her down I would have given her the death stare!  Or possibly unloaded all the hurt and anger I was still feeling over her earlier remark.  What a bitch!

I know this is petty of me, truly I do.  I’m secure in my place with the family but this time something inside just snapped.  I so wanted to see her face when I reminded her of how badly she behaved so long ago.  Thankfully, I held back and Christmas was not ruined.

Soooo, any family shenanigans you want to get off your chest?