One tired gramma

We finally got the RV out for its first trip this year!  Hey, it’s only August, it could have been much worse!

My favorite daughter and her guy climbed up on the monster and worked some magic on the leaky skylights so now JD won’t be quite so depressed when it rains.  Then Thursday I used a vacation day to clean out all the tools and other assorted crap that had accumulated while the RV was dormant.  That was so much fun!  (Don’t you think sarcasm should have its own font?)  Following the crap removal, we started packing actual vacation stuff!  While that was genuinely fun it was also a lot of work.  I lost count of how many trips I made from the house to the RV, up the steps, find a safe place for said stuff and retrace my steps back to the house for more.

Friday we slept in a bit and then hit the road for the grand kids.  My middle daughter’s two children have been living with their paternal grandparents about an hour away from us (give or take a half hour depending on traffic).  When we learned this earlier in the summer I was angry at first that my daughter hadn’t told me (forgive me for not being on Facebook but any of your sisters could have gotten a message to me).  Then I liked the idea that we could see them more often.

We picked up R & A and drove to the RV park where we’d been able to get a last minute reservation.  It didn’t have a lot going on (interpretation: no swimming pool), it’s more of a stopping place for tourists who want to see the area nearby (i.e., Seattle, the Olympic Peninsula) but we were lucky enough to get a site very close to the community campfire pit and forest trails.  The kids and I hiked some; we played Uno; watched a video on Grandpa JD’s hand-built media computer; and dug in the sand at the beach.  Typical of a Doe family outing:  the bathroom sink leaked causing a small flood; the aforementioned tide was out so no one could actually swim; and I made entirely too much food for dinner Saturday.

Overall it was a blast!  I now hurt in places I didn’t know I had and I’m so tired I could sleep standing up, at least until gravity worked and I hit the floor!  Taking Monday off too was brilliant even though I’m still doing laundry!  Yesterday I let myself off the hook and did only the bare necessities.  Today when I opened work email and saw 111 in the inbox I had a moment of panic, but I caught up more quickly than I expected.

Aside from the Drama Queen’s tears all the way from the RV park to their house, I’d say the weekend went well.

Now to see if I can steal them away for Thanksgiving!