You Deserve All the Good Things

Hey, who am I to argue?  That’s what the next page in the You Are Doing a Freaking Awesome Job book says.

All. The. Good. Things.  Let that thought settle in and make itself comfortable in your brain.

Sooo, what constitutes “Good Things”?  For me at least it’s simple stuff:

Finding my usual parking spot available at the park and ride – every day.

The occasional Theo Chocolate bar – my favorite seasonal choice is the Cranberry Orange!  When it isn’t the holidays I stick with the Cherry Almond.  What can I say – I like crunch in my dark chocolate.

A few months back I switched from coffee to tea (yes really).  I was drinking entirely too much.  Now I have a cup of caffeinated tea first thing in the morning at home, or occasionally I’ll pick up a Lightly Sweet Chai at Starbucks on my way to the train.  Their regular Chai is too sweet for me.  Rarely, I’ll treat myself and get a Flat White, which for those of you not in the know, is a Starbucks not-sweet coffee drink – yes, they have those!  Another of my good things would be to indulge in coffee again at will, not rarely.

Comfy shoes.  No wait…comfy shoes that I can wear at work!  Ahhh.

And Universe, if you’re listening I’d like one genuine, real vacation please.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, I’d just like to not spend it with family.  Pretty please.

What are your Good Things?