I’m going to hell…

I’ve never made it a secret that I was raised in the Christian faith, though “raised in” is a bit loose for what I really was.  I regularly attended church with my grandma while my grandpa was decidedly less-than-Christian with me at home.  ‘Nuf said about that I think.

Seriously, I believe in God.  I can’t say that I understand him or that I am a consistent follower, but I believe in him and try to make my life choices such that I don’t piss him off.  (See the Old Testament for examples of God’s state of pisseration.  We do NOT want to go there!)  Of course if God were threatened by every television show or film which dissed him I think there’d be a whole lot more plagues going on.  Just saying.  Hey, I never said I was good Christian.

So all of that was the lead-in to this:  I ADORE the new Fox television show Lucifer!

Briefly, Tom Ellis plays Lucifer Morningstar or The Devil.  He’s grown bored with being the Lord of Hell and has taken a vacation to – where else? – Los Angeles, where he owns a night club. He’s charming, incorrigible, and hard to resist.  In fact he’s completely irresistible to everyone except Chloe Decker, a female cop.  Her ability to ignore him fascinates him.  At one point he asks her, “Did my father send you?”

It’s a police procedural slash buddy show which is already rumored to have been cancelled.  In addition, there is apparently a lot of controversy about the show trying to paint Lucifer as a misunderstood but basically good guy.  I didn’t do a lot of research on this but just skimming Google results shows that there are many groups out there who think Lucifer is evidence of how low humanity has sunk.  Some say it mocks the bible. Petitions were begun last year following Fox’s announcement of the show; no one had even seen it yet.  Talk about overreacting.

Coming from a semi-religious background I can sort of see why people of faith might be put off by the show.  But come on people, grow a sense of humor would you?  It’s supposed to be entertainment, not doctrine.  And it’s based on a comic book character, NOT the devil depicted in the bible.

I can understand if they cancel it based on the fact that it’s on the predictable side, not to mention the whole “cop show with a twist” idea hasn’t been too successful of late.  But it’s funny and clever and if it goes away I’ll miss it.  At least till the next funny and clever show comes along.

Eli Stone: A Review

Or maybe I should just call it like I see it – WATCH THIS SHOW!

Television shows come and go.  Some are more popular than others, obviously.  Not that that assures them of a long tenure on the air.  (Firefly rocked but the people in charge dropped it anyway damn it.)

I’ve followed quite a lot of TV shows over the years, from Joan of Arcadia, Farscape and Dead Like Me to The Walking Dead and Orphan Black.  While I enjoy The Big Bang Theory, I’m not often a fan of the sitcoms airing these days.  Co-workers have raved about some of them so I’ve had JD look them up online and given them a look-see only to be disappointed at how lame I find them.  What happened?  Where are the shows like M*A*S*H and Night Court?  When I look back at Night Court now, even though it does seem silly, I still laugh out loud at scenes like the one where Roz has tied Dan Fielding into a human pretzel.

More recently, JD stumbled across a show online that he thought looked interesting.  Since it only lasted two seasons, he saved both of them so we could check it out.

Oh my goodness!  Why didn’t this program last longer than two seasons?!  It only took one episode to hook me; I had to see the next one, and the next.  I let my other shows linger in limbo while we binged on 20-something episodes over the course of several days (I can only watch a couple hours after work before I have to hit the sack).  As we neared the end I started slowing down and including other programs between episodes.  I didn’t want it to end!  Knowing it was truly the end — of the show — not just the season, was heartbreaking.  Okay, that might be a tad of an exaggeration.  But I really loved the show, the characters, the stories, the premise itself!  And part of me dreaded how they ended it.  Would it have closure?  Were they given enough notice to tie up loose ends or wind up the storyline?

No spoilers here folks; watch it yourself and find out.  But to whet your appetites, here are two videos which will give you an idea of what the show is all about.  If it turns out I’m the only one who found this entertaining, then I guess we’ll know why it wasn’t around very long.  But that won’t change that I love this show.  So much that I’ll probably watch both seasons again.  And again.