The world is a little colder

So many people will be gearing up to write about Robin Williams’ passing; many have in fact already posted; I’ve read several this morning.  Celebrities will comment.  News people will speculate.  Professional therapists will discuss the relationship between addiction and depression.

I don’t have anything earth-shattering to add.  I wouldn’t presume to understand what finally became so difficult to bear that he chose to end his pain.  And I do not blame him.  However, I have been where he was twice, so while I don’t know his particular pain, I do understand the desire to end it even if my own attempts failed.  On the bright side, I’m in a better place (mostly) and I have beautiful children and grandchildren who never would have come to be if I had succeeded.

My heart is with his family.  I hope and pray they find some peace in the coming weeks.

Robin, I hope you too have found peace.  You will be missed.