Happy Tuesday

Work has quieted a bit, although I’m risking a crazy afternoon by using the Q word.  One of my attorneys is readying for trial, another is working from home this morning, and yet another is holed up in his office doing heaven knows what.  I’m not sure what the fourth is doing; she’s pretty self-reliant.  For the time being, I’m caught up.  Soon I’ll send an email to my secretaries letting them know I have some free time if they need any help.  Then perhaps I’ll stop procrastinating and address the filing situation.  Before I do that though I wanted to share something I stumbled across the other day which made me laugh out loud.

I'm a lumbercat and I'm okay!

I’m a lumbercat …

The photo itself wasn’t what made me laugh but as soon as I saw it my brain filled in the rest.  Enjoy!