The Quest for the Holy Something or Other by Kylie Betzner – A Review

The Quest for the Holy Something or Other

In The Quest for the Holy Something or Other Kylie Betzner has created a warped version of Camelot, but in a good way.  Remember the infamous Round Table?  It’s been transformed into the Pineapple Table.  King Arthur seems a bit apathetic, Merlin hides his plotting behind a façade of craziness, and Sir Lancelot is a dick.  In fact many of the knights are less than knightly, including the King’s own brother, Sir Kay.

Sir Kay is the epitome of middle-aged ennui, caring about very little.  He’s known in the kingdom for regularly losing pages and not the kinds in books.  Most of the young boys serving him met with untimely but completely accidental deaths.  Sir Kay has really bad luck.

Enter Pig who, as a gong farmer, shovels excrement, and is widely reviled as a consequence.  She is made page to Sir Kay (no one realizes she’s a girl) as a joke.

Later, Merlin sends all the knights off on quests to get them out of the way so his scheming can proceed unhindered.

Follow Sir Kay and Pig as they embark on a journey unlike any other, where they meet the Lady in the Lake, are joined by a champion of sorts, and discover that attaining their goal is not the most important thing.

I enjoyed Kylie’s Camelot though I had difficulty at first getting into the story.  That was likely the fault of the reader who is easily distracted and often reads multiple titles at the same time.  Once I was hooked however, I was very happy the book was on my phone as I could read it anywhere!  Kylie’s characters feel very genuine and I can imagine sitting down to chat with Sir Kay over some ale.

If you’re looking for a fun and funny read check this out!