I’ve always counted myself lucky to have the work schedule I do.  I really like leaving the office at 4:15 every day.  If you have to work outside the home for a living then getting home before dark is awesome, especially in the Pacific Northwest where it gets dark damn early in these waning months of the year.  Sigh.

Today I appreciate my schedule even more if that’s possible.  For those of you who follow me, you may recall the new secretarial support model we started back in May – Shared Services.  Well there have been many changes to the original make up of the team:  our fearless leader left the firm and I stepped into her shoes; our extremely excellent litigation-experienced secretary quit to go elsewhere and now we are once again 4 – and merely adequate at litigation.  Okay, that may be minimizing our experience level.  There are three of us who know our way around a court filing and a fourth who tries.

But that’s not the point I’m working toward here.  With only four of us scheduling can be challenging.  It doesn’t help that the firm promised the attorneys covered by the team that there would be someone available until 6 every night.  That’s usually fine as we have two secretaries who stay later – one until 6 and the other until 5:45, usually.

“Usually” changed once it started getting dark earlier.  L practices Conservative Judaism, requiring that she arrive at home before sunset each Shabbat or Friday to you and me.  During the Fall and early Winter months that means she leaves earlier each Friday until the solstice.  Then the timing will reverse until she’s back to her usual 5:45 departure time.  So she left here today at 4:45.

Then there’s our newest addition, C whose regular schedule keeps her here until 6.  However, her son is a high school senior this year and tonight was an important senior event which she wanted to be a part of.  Of course she had to go!  Meaning she left here at 3.

And finally, J had prior plans to visit her son out of state, also leaving at 3.  Leaving little old me to man the torpedoes all by my lonesome till 6, or nearly then (I’m sneaking out a little early so I can catch the last train out).

Have you ever been in an office setting after 5?  It’s the equivalent of a ghost town.  Oh there are some die-hards still toiling away in their offices, but they’re few and far between.  It’s freaking eerie in here people!  But heck, you know me.  I have to look at the bright side – I’m actually writing a post on my computer and not my phone!  How cool is that?

Now if I can just get rid of those damn crickets…