Fortune Cookie Friday

Hey everyone it’s that time again!  I know you were all waiting for it so here it is!

Last night we said screw the budget and went to the Pho Grill near our house for dinner (it really isn’t screwing the budget, it’s very reasonable).  This eatery is akin to a Mongolian BBQ style restaurant.  You fill a bowl with your choice of ingredients, hand it to the guy at the grill and wait, trying not to drool as he cooks your dinner.  I’ve never been a big fan of this kind of place but something about this little store-front establishment just hits the right spot.

There was a new hostess/waitress last night and I don’t remember her name but she was very friendly.  In addition to being conscientious about clearing used dishes, she stopped by our table several times to check on us and chat.

Anyway, back to our theme.  Because we made her laugh she gave us each two fortune cookies and it’s a good thing, because one of mine was empty!  Since we waited till we got home to open them I was able to overreact quite melodramatically to JD’s amusement.  The other cookie’s fortune said this:

Genius 2

Wise words.  Think about it.  If you give up you’ll never know what you could have accomplished, right?

Then there was this in one of JD’s cookies:

Give what you have

The phrasing is awkward but he agreed with it.  If you insert “else” after someone it sounds a little better.  JD said it was like us.  He gives me what he has, which he doesn’t consider much and it always flummoxes him that I find it valuable.  Even at his most frustrating I love that man.

His other fortune was also appropriate:



I like the message here and while I don’t think JD will take it to heart, every little reminder I can get in front of him is welcome.

May the sun shine on you and yours this weekend.  Oh, and

O   !!!!