Matters of Taste

The Daily Prompt today wanted to know if there was a movie, book or television show that didn’t live up the reviews or recommendations of friends or critics.

I read some of the other responses to this prompt; it amused and pleased me to see some literal lists of titles.  One blogger mentioned Doctor Who which disappointed me.  As a devoted Whovian, I want everyone to love the Doctor.  But as a realist?  I know he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  When my husband first introduced me to the Doctor via his video collection of the original series I wasn’t immediately hooked, but I was fascinated by the idea of the Doctor.  What a clever way to extend the life of a series!  When one actor no longer works or must leave the show for some reason, have the character regenerate and a fresh new face can take over!  I’ve grown to love the Doctor over the years, some regenerations more than others.  (David Tennant, I’m looking at you!)

Personally, I avoid jumping on the bandwagon when something NEW and EXCITING is trending.  I’m not on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram.  I don’t often hear about new movies or television or books except from my family, other bloggers and elsewhere online.

That said, I guess I was predisposed to loathe Twilight because the first I heard of it was through a review by a blogger I respect and admire.  Suffice it to say, she hated it.  The more I heard about the books, both the good and the bad, the less inclined I was to read them.  I have to say, I’ve never been tempted to test that.

I work full time and commute almost 2 hours each way.  While some of that is spent on a train and I have a little time to read, I am reluctant to waste that time on sludge.  A book has to grab me pretty quickly and keep me interested.  I have to care about the characters.  For example, the first time I tried to read Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon, I had trouble getting into it.  Timing may have been an issue, who knows.  However, recently I noted another blogger I follow was reading it and raved about it.  I thought it might be time to try it again and I’m well-involved now and enjoying it immensely.

Another book I will never, ever read is 50 Shades of Grey.  NEVER. EVER.  There is no internal debate and no waffling on this.

I never go to the movie theater so all the movies I see are based on either a trailer I’ve seen or someone’s recommendation or both.  I can’t think of any recent flicks I’ve seen that were disappointing.  And now, I’ve probably jinxed myself.

We don’t use cable or Dish, or whatever else people pay for to view television in real time.  Everything we watch we get online.  That helps us cut out a lot of the crap TV.  I used to like sitcoms but lately I find a lot of them tiresome.  I recently saw a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother.  WTF?  Why was that popular?  A new TV show has a limited opportunity for me – I’ll watch 2 episodes, possibly a third before I make a final decision.  I am proud to admit I’ve never once watched the Kardashians, The Bachelor, Long Island Medium, et cetera.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some reality shows I watch (Face Off for instance).  I don’t have a lot of time in the evenings and why on earth would I want to waste that time watching people I have absolutely no interest in?  I’d rather watch the Carol Burnett reunion show or an old episode of Night Court.

I don’t automatically tune in a show because a friend or a family member says it’s great.  There are a few I’ve checked out for that reason, but usually I just go my own way.  Now if only the TV execs would quit canceling the shows I love.  Sigh.


Apologies if I have dissed a show or book beloved by any of my readers.  To each her own, right?