Three Beer Day

We’ve all heard of a three dog night correct?  If you haven’t heard that before, or at the very least heard the band then you’re too young for this blog so go away.  I’m just kidding, seriously haven’t I told you not to believe anything you read here?  But definitely go check out the band Three Dog Night, they were rocking it when I was in high school back in the dark ages.

I’ve heard the meaning behind “three dog night” many times and from multiple sources.  Go here if you want to see how the Urban Dictionary defines it.  What it comes down to is that when it’s very, very cold you want three dogs in bed with you.

But that isn’t the point of this post.  I’ll bet my regulars figured that out on their own.

Beginning with three dog night lets me segue to my day yesterday and its rating as a “three beer day”.  Some of you may not think that’s too bad a day and for you that could be true.  However, I come from an alcoholic mother and a Scots father and my genes are against me.  Plus?  I’m a total lightweight with alcohol.  So three beers usually puts me to sleep, and not necessarily in a good way.

Since my promotion I haven’t seen any gray hair but I’m not looking all that hard.  Also, as a former hair dresser told me once, my natural ash blonde color hides the gray quite well.  Thank goodness!  So, back to yesterday.

Well, let’s start with the day before.  You may recall that I wrote this post about a secretary leaving to work somewhere else.  Her departure was the second one in as many weeks.  And the day before yesterday a third secretary gave her notice.  I have no words.  Oh wait, I have plenty of words.  They’re just words I can’t use out loud in the workplace!


So now we’re up to yesterday.  Not only am I supporting four of my own attorneys, but due to the recent departure I was temporarily covering two others for a secretary who now had six people on her desk!  She was in the midst of trial prep and something she called an allocation which required a lot of focus so I offered to help two of her folks or find someone to help them if I couldn’t.  Hey, that’s what a lead does, right?  Leads?  Well yesterday the work Would. Not. Stop. Coming.  And then a visiting attorney who was using the appropriately named Visiting Attorney Office on my floor needed help.  His was pretty easy and quickly finished.  But following that I needed to set up a pleading format for a filing in Florida.  We’re in Seattle folks.  You do the math.  So to speak.

By quitting time I was so done.  It was a two beer night for sure and luckily I had five left of a six pack in my fridge at home.

JD met me at our bank to get the cashier’s checks for some monthly obligations and ask why they were holding onto our tax refund check which he’d deposited the night before.  (It’s the federal government for heaven’s sake, if you can’t trust them…oh wait, never mind).  He mentioned in passing something about getting bad news and of course I had to ask.  Duh.

As you may recall, we’re due to go camping beginning tomorrow.  Murphy had other plans.  When JD went out to put a new electrical adaptor in the fifth wheel he discovered someone had broken into the trailer and probably close to $500 worth of property was stolen.

Hence, a three beer night.   Alas I only had time for one after dealing with filing the police report and calling the insurance company.


Beer – Updated

Today I saw that the photo challenge was to show what yellow means to you in this festive season of many other colors.  Well, I could have taken a photo of the pack of Juicy Fruit which stays on my desk for the attorneys who wander by now and again.  But I already had this perfectly good post just sitting here and one of the remaining shots below is YELLOW!  Of course it’s the sample I liked least, but you can’t have everything, now can you?  If you’ve figured out how to have everything would you pass that secret along?  😀

Enough said usually. But I suppose I should  elaborate. These six shots of awesome make up the beer sampler at Rock Bottom where we met to exchange calendars.


As you can see, I didn’t think to take the darn photo till after I tried the ones on each end. Hey, proof my brain works better on beer! The one on the left was called Kolsch (except the o had a sideways colon over the top, whatever that is called). Its counterpart was the brewery’s special release, something with Elf in the name. And an elevated alcohol level that keeps them from serving more than 10 ounces at a time ~ when you order it individually . Sweet!

No wait, the sweet one is the dark one next to the empty on the right. I hadn’t ever tried a beer that was slightly sweet. Yum!

There was an IPA, a red ale and something literally  in between. I’m not a fan of IPAs and this one didn’t win me over though it was okay. The center one wasn’t too memorable – obviously, but the red was really good.

So there you have it. I’m not a beer connoisseur but if we go back there I’ll definitely remember the ones I liked. Now I’m on the last train out headed home. Have a nice night peeps. Happy early Friday!