Happy 2018!

Happy 2018


It’s been rather a long time since I’ve posted regularly here and I’ve missed it.  So I want to try something different this year in the hope it will get me blogging a bit more often.

A couple of Christmases ago I bought copies of a fun little book for the Shared Services team I lead.  I think I may have posted about it and if there’s time I’ll try to find that post and link to it.  In the event I don’t have time or can’t find it, the book is called You Are Doing a Freaking Great Job.  As you might guess based on the title, it’s an inspirational, heartening, and uplifting tome.  Tome is a funny word, isn’t it?  Whenever I read it I envision huge volumes with some weight to them.  This book is only a bit over 4 inches square and about an inch thick; its weight is in the contents.

I’m hoping to take a page (maybe every day, maybe once a week, who knows) and reproduce it here, perhaps with a photo of the page if it’s especially attractive.  I’m sure there will be days when all I can do is quote the book, but I’m hoping at times to delve into what the book’s message that day means to me.

So let’s get started shall we?


If you can’t quite read the writing inserted above, it says “An encouraging little Introduction”.  One of the reasons I decided to try using the book for inspiration was this page.  Each line by itself is inspirational, and altogether they tell me to start fresh each day.

Even if yesterday sucked I need to keep my head up.  Today’s a new day.

“Take your time” can apply to so many aspects of each day:  from driving to the train safely, to carefully proofreading a document even if it’s huge and will take hours.

I never got around to posting this last year but I was genuinely promoted – with a new title and a raise!  To be honest, I was flabbergasted when the big boss called me at home (I was out sick that day) to tell me the news.  When she mentioned the amount of the raise my jaw literally dropped and I was speechless for several seconds.  I really was ill and my brain couldn’t quite compute what she was saying.  I’m proud of myself.  I earned that promotion darn it!  But there are those days when I do something I consider stupid, or I take a shortcut that bites me.  Those days it’s a little harder to be proud of myself.  I need this reminder that even when I mess up I’m still excellent at my job.  We won’t talk about relationships…

“…right where you’re supposed to be.”  And just where might that be?  Well there are a few ways to interpret that for me personally.  Earlier this year I had an opportunity to move to a different law firm (one my friend had gone to).  At the time I learned about the position they were creating I was under a lot of stress and my first reaction was to update my resume and send it to my friend.  She sent me some information on their benefit package as well as other aspects of the job.  I looked them up on line and found many familiar faces.  But something held me back.  I’ve been at this firm for over 19 years.  I’m one of the big dogs – administratively speaking.  This was before the promotion by the way so that didn’t factor into my decision making.  I went over and over it in my head for the biggest part of a day and a night.  Then I contacted my friend and asked her to withdraw my resume.  All the weighing I’d done brought me to the conclusion that as stressful as my job is, I would miss it.  I would miss the people I’ve come to know and care about.  On top of that I’d be trading my tenure here to be a little fish in a big pond at the new place — having to prove myself all over again.  So. Not. Happening.

Does this resonate for anyone else out there?  Do you believe you’re where you are supposed to be?  What are you proud of about yourself?  Do you procrastinate…or give yourself time?  Let’s keep our heads up together this year, shall we?

Happy New Year everyone!  May your 2018 be filled with blessings and wonderful adventures.

4 thoughts on “Happy 2018!

  1. It’s good to see you writing again! Well done on the promotion, congratulations 🙂
    I think, after finalizing my divorce this past summer that I can say I’m right where I should be in that aspect of my life, and I’m working part time at a job that I enjoy. I wait to see how everything plays out moving forward, because… choices, and the fact that I can now make decisions solely for myself.

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