Karma Near-Miss

Some of my favorite memes are Karma related, I especially like a tee shirt I saw which read “Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed.”  There’s another that says “I saw that,” signed Karma.  I still like Karma memes, even though JD had a near-miss with Karma this past weekend.

A couple of weeks ago my SIL moved into her half of the duplex she bought after her husband decided he didn’t want to be married any longer.  She actually hired movers to help with most of the stuff but prior to that there was a LOT of family assistance in moving out Mom’s belongings from the basement apartment.  Mom will not be going home from the facility where she’s currently residing.  She’s not worse (though she has slid backwards a bit with her speech) but she will never be able to care for herself well enough to be on her own and the facility is more affordable than in-home care.

We took a U-haul up two different weekends to collect stuff.  After delivering a variety of things to our daughter’s place for storage until the duplex was ready we unloaded the rest at our house.  Imagine if you will two bookshelves, a china hutch, a glass knick knack thingy, plus a couple dozen boxes all arranged in your living room around your existing furniture.  We had just gotten the last batch of family hand-me-downs cleared out for heaven’s sake!

SIL is all moved in; JD went down the morning she was moving in and hooked up her computer so she’d be able to work – did I mention the bitch gets to work from home?  I say “bitch” with all the love and snark in my heart.  I am truly fortunate in the in-law department.

Okay, okay let’s get back to Karma – with SIL moved in JD was asked last week by his daughter to help move SIL’s old couch to her mother’s apartment.  Yes, that mother – THE EX.  While JD puts up with a lot on that front (sharing all holidays with her, watching his family welcome her as though she’s a prodigal daughter, putting up with her claim that she has no memory of how she behaved during their divorce) I don’t blame him for not wanting to move furniture for her.  There’s an argument to be made that it was really for his sister and/or daughter, but he puts up with all that other stuff for them, not for himself.  On this point I have to agree with him; he had no obligation to help in this way just because we own a truck and his daughter asked nicely.

So JD lied.  Well okay, he didn’t lie about the truck, it really wouldn’t start.  But privately, he figured that was probably just a low battery.  His explanation to SIL and our daughter however implied there was more wrong and that the Chevy dealer couldn’t look at it right away, plus there was the diagnostic fee which we wouldn’t have till pay day.  The furniture moving request went away; not sure how they managed it and personally, I don’t care.  I love that JD tolerates (barely) having The Ex around, how else would I get to see my grandkids?  But I hate how it makes him feel and I’m just fine with not helping her out.  I know, not very Christian of me.  Sue me.

JD dug out the battery charger (after 2 days of looking) and hooked it up.  We let it charge most of Saturday.  The next afternoon we loaded the dogs in the backseat of the crew cab and he tried to start it for a visit to his mother.  No such luck.  It just clicked.  My heart sank and I could feel Karma breathing down our necks.  JD had implied there was something more dire wrong with the truck and now of course, Karma was going to make that happen.

To wind this up let me say to Karma, “THANK YOU for not kicking our butts over JD’s lie!”  Yesterday JD called AAA and they sent a battery truck out to take a look.  The culprit wasn’t a bad battery!  Or a bad anything else!  The cables had worked loose and while it wasn’t apparent, JD still couldn’t understand why he’d missed that when he was charging it.  I think it was Karma, giving him a little slap/scare that there really was something wrong.  That’ll teach him!  Or not.

Now I’m off to shop for a Karma tee shirt!





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