Ever notice…

…cashews seem to be the new peanuts?

Seriously, JD and I have been buying nuts a lot more often lately.  They’re full of healthy fats and taste yummy, win-win.  A while back we got this huge can of mixed nuts at our local MegaGinormusMart and before we knew it the nuts were all gone [sad face].  So occasionally JD picks up a new supply when he sees mixed nuts on sale and we dump them in that original can.

I’m sure you’ve seen mixed nuts advertised with a notation along the lines of, “less than 50% peanuts!” right?  Well, even then there always seemed to be a LOT of peanuts to me and I’d rather not have any of them in my mixed nuts.  I buy mixed because I want anything but peanuts!  Peanut butter?  Sure, especially on raisin toast.  Or with grape jelly on homemade bread.  But I’m not as fond of peanuts themselves for some reason.

Back to my original point – our latest refill has no peanuts (yay!) but tons and tons of cashews.  So, does that make cashews officially the next cheapest nut?  Why else would the Nut People replace peanuts with them?  Hmm?

Just something to ponder people.  Move along now.


4 thoughts on “Ever notice…

  1. I think you may have a totally new idea for a blog. Call it “Squirrels eating nuts”. You could write about squirrels gathering nuts, what nuts squirrels prefer, what does the squirrel’s storage of nuts say about the squirrel Psychologically, what does Mrs. Squirrel say when Mr. Squirrel brings home the wrong nuts, etc. Just a suggestion. But I think you could get at least a year’s worth of posts.

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