There oughta be a law

Or a rule at least…just sayin’.

I was just walking back to my desk through the copy room/kitchen near me when I saw the clock on the wall.  It’s an old fashioned vs. digital clock, and it’s deceptive how similar 10:20 looks to 3:50.  Because I’m supposed to get off at 4:15 (barring the need to stay late) catching that glimpse of what appeared to be 25 minutes before quitting time gave me a quick jolt of happiness.  Unfortunately, my brain decided that would be a good time to kick in its two cents and clarified I was seeing 20 minutes after 10 in the effing morning.  Jeez.

There oughta be a law I tell you!  All workplace clocks should be digital!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled lives.

2 thoughts on “There oughta be a law

  1. I once read that all analog clocks in catalogues are set to 10:10 because it’s supposed to be the “happiest” looking time (shaped kind of like a smile). Anyone who works in an office knows that 10AM is not happy time. Now, 5:00PM, if you’re lucky, could be another story entirely…

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