For Sale: Best Pet Ever!

This is my first writing exercise (if this is news to you, you may want to check out yesterday’s post).  The prompt came from 10 Best Creative Writing Exercises and I hope I’ve done it justice.

For Sale:  Best Pet Ever!

Buddy is the best pet on the planet!  He’s friendly and likes to snuggle.  Buddy also enjoys being around people (except my sister) unless he’s shedding.  Last time I measured him he was almost 5’ long!  Recently Buddy has put on a little weight, which is weird since I only feed him once every couple of weeks.  Buddy eats small rodents, and I have a supply of frozen rats I’ll throw in if you take him.  Plus I’ll give you the name of the online store where I get them.  They have great prices and free shipping!  You’ll need to keep the door on his cage fastened securely; he’s become something of an escape artist, and boy is he hard to find sometimes!  Just last week I found him stretched out behind the washer and dryer.  Mom says I have to sell him because of my sister’s missing gerbils.  It really isn’t fair, but Buddy gets blamed for everything.

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