Stretching Your Writing Muscles

One of the things I’ve read over and over about writing is that in order to be a good writer you have to…well, write.  I also regularly hear that ideally, you should be writing every day.  Damn it.

Anyone who is serious about writing recognizes the value of this habit.  I certainly do.  Sadly though, I’m nowhere near a daily writer. Between my workload, family obligations and plain old laziness I’ve allowed my writing to become Big Foot:  heard about but rarely seen in real life.

It isn’t that I don’t want to write, I guess I just don’t want it badly enough to get up earlier than usual to devote that time to it (or stay up later).  When I lived with my grandparents I remember my grandma rising well before we did in order to sit at her old Royal (I think it was a Royal) typing away at a story.  I don’t know how she did it (shaking head).  Full time job, raising two of her grandchildren, dealing with a pot-smoking, unmotivated teenaged son and a husband who was old school enough to let her do it all on her own.

If I had half her drive I’d be a published author now!  Okay, maybe not, but I’d have at least finished the edits on Maxwell’s Silver Bullet.  Sigh.

So yesterday on the train home I Googled “writing exercises” and emailed three of the sites I skimmed to myself at work so I could look at them when I had a chance.  (Cue the maniacal laughter.)

I read one of the articles all the way through because it made me laugh out loud on the train.  What did I expect from something I found on the Cracked website?  I don’t know but I now love Robert Brockway.  Too bad my employer’s security blocks his blog.  I’ll warn you, it contains language and not just English.  For instance, tip number two begins, “Fuck your novel, anyway.”  Read it with your sense of humor set on high but do read it.

If I can sufficiently kick myself in the butt I hope to begin stretching the old writing muscles soon and post those exercises here.  Maybe I’ll even get back to Maxwell’s.  I’m not holding my breath, and don’t you either.


13 thoughts on “Stretching Your Writing Muscles

  1. I maintain a very loose definition of writing. Text back and forth with my sis over the weekend – look! I’m writing! Participate in some six word stories on Twitter – Tada! Goal met.

    I do of course strive to actually work on my novel as I find the time, but I don’t kick myself (at least not too hard) if that time isn’t found every day of the week.

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  2. In March, 2015, I decided I was going to do the Nanowrimo in November. To prepare for it, I began getting up an hour earlier than my usual rising. To put me in a state of writing, I took up writing the first five or ten minutes to a prompt in a state of subby consciousness. Since I like pictures or photographs, I started writing to the latest photograph posted on a photography blog, Monochromia ( I have done it daily since then, only occasionally missing a day. When I do miss a day, my day doesn’t seem to go well. One of the reasons I think I never have been successful as a writer was a lack of discipline. Following this exercise has been a cure for that. In addition to that, it has given me some great rough drafts for posts. On top of that, I got a novel finished. The one thing I would say is don’t do it out of guilt. Do it because it’s what you want to do. Fear just ain’t a good motivator.

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