I just learned that JD is looking for “what’s available” work wise.

I’m afraid my first thought was “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Then it occurred to me that he might actually be talking to the neighbor he mentioned but I’m pretty sure he has an ulterior motive and it isn’t to make a few extra bucks.

Recently his sister asked him to try getting up to see Mom during the week so he could help her with her walking. Since the rest of us are all working he’s the only one with any available time.

So of course he has to “talk” about job hunting and not knowing how that might affect his schedule. Plus now he’s caring for a very sick dog.

There are no words to clearly express my feelings on this. It might actually be the proverbial last straw.

Anyone have some Kleenex?

11 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Will not ‘like’ this post but want you to know that you are in my thoughts. I haven’t been a follower of your blog for all that long and feel slightly lost on this subject of the non-working spouse. Was there a post or two that touched on this. I think I might understand the situation a bit better with some background…

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  2. Ah, I get it! Hoping for the best for you! Some people think it’s hard to go to work but it also puts us on auto pilot so we don’t have to deal with things that could come up out of the blue and that’s the really challenging stuff!

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  3. It’s hard to know what to say here except I hope you find the strength and a way to handle this difficult situation. I don’t know what goes through the mind of people sometimes but this doesn’t seem right or fair.

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