Beer, glorious beer!

Tonight our youngest daughter wanted to celebrate the extension of her work contract through the summer. She took us to Round Table for pizza, and as has become our habit at this fine establishment, a pitcher of beer.

Since JD can’t drink beer due to his gout that means more for the two of us.

We are sooo buzzed right now! Feeling more relaxed than I have in days. Even seeing JD’s expression reacting to my being buzzed hasn’t brought me down. Well, only a little anyway.

We’re going to watch an episode or 2 of Miranda and then I’ll hit the sack. I think I will finally sleep well tonight.

Thank you my dear readers and friends for your well wishes. I so appreciate you all. And that is NOT the beer talking! I promise.

9 thoughts on “Beer, glorious beer!

  1. had to stop by again janey just to say – miranda – is a great show! i’ll never hear the sound of two hands clapping the same way again (1. have you gotten that far into the show yet? 2. we are talking about the bbc show right?) have a good weekend.

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