In which Janey takes a day off

Update: Friend’s surgery was partially successful. They were able to replace the aortic valve but opted not to do the bypass as they had planned. We didn’t get to see her after but that’s fine, she was pretty out of it. There was concern going in about getting her off the ventilator asap but that went smoothly. I’m crossing my fingers they are proactive in managing her post-op pain so she can rest.

We’ll head up tomorrow and visit for as long as they’ll let us. Thank you EVERYONE for your thoughts, vibes, prayers and juju! :mrgreen:

That’s correct, I am taking today off. And tomorrow. And maybe the next day. Now I know you’re probably all wondering what might entice Janey away from her scintillating career.

Well let’s put it this way – my friends are important to me. And one of my best friends is having open heart surgery today. In less than an hour as a matter of fact.  So as soon as we can get it in gear that’s where we’re headed.

Depending on how things go, I’ll be spending a lot of time there this week. I would appreciate your prayers, positive vibes or good juju. Thanks so much!


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