The effing day from hell

I may already have a “day from hell” post. I was too lazy to go check and to be honest I don’t give a damn. This day from hell deserves … no – REQUIRES its own post.

One of the busiest litigation secretaries was out ill today. Now that the Team backs up every fucking one that meant we were covering her three attorneys. Not such a big deal when they’re out of the office as they have been the last few times we covered for her. Really, really – we’re talking HUGE – deal when they’re all in.

Then there were the other secretaries who were out and their attorneys to cover. Sigh.

On top of this, I now personally support three attorneys of my own while still working with the Team. In addition, the Team was short a member today. Are you getting some idea of the chaos about to ensue? The four of us on the Team cover about 40 people before anyone is out. Today there were three of us.

If only I could respond to unfamiliar territory with a smidgen of control. I might actually be as professional as I should be with 30+ years experience. Most of that experience was not litigation though, and filing stuff with the courts can still give me the heebie jeebies.

Now introduce two of the tasks I needed to handle: a notice of deposition with a subpoena for one case (not actually filed as it’s considered discovery) and 3 applications for “pro hac vice” in another, requiring separate filings each with its own filing fee. Thank goodness for the firm credit card!

These were on top of an overdue invoice, a confirmation of engagement letter for a new client, labeling 10 attachments in Adobe and assembling them to form a single exhibit, entering time, delivering mai…well shit, I knew I forgot something.

And did I mention my computer is freaking the hell out?

It was a good thing I had a stash of cold cereal and milk or I wouldn’t have had lunch.

I wish I could come up with a clever way to end this post, but my brain is too fried to be clever. So dear readers – any punch lines are going to have to come from you. Thanks in advance!

20 thoughts on “The effing day from hell

  1. It must have been something in the air today..
    There were more “ill” tempered people out on the road in the middle of a work week day and I was dodging them left and right.. The majority had thier faces glued to a cell phone, texting while driving or ears glued to the cell with one hand and the other weaving the steering wheel.. I saw 2 of them pulled over by the police and that was the good part of my day..
    And the other semi trucks weren’t any better.. Why people don’t use a headset is beyond comprehension.. 1 second and the world is turned upside down for someone and many times tragically..
    If I had kept count, I’m sure there were at least 10 separate times that someone either cut me off or ran into my lane, that would’ve caused a bad accident if I hadn’t been fast with evasive maneuvers or the air horn.. I played defense all day.. Traffic was also unusually heavy for non peak hours.. After 9 hrs, I just pulled in the truckstop, I had had it for the day..

    I’m glad you made it thru your crappy day and glad this one’s behind me too ! ๐Ÿ’›

    Tomorrow will be better… right ? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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