Small Miracles

Or answered prayers. Or maybe the Universe decided we were due for something good for a change.  Whatever, I’ll take it.

A couple of weeks ago JD and I met his sister at a Jewish skilled nursing facility near Seattle. SIL had been told by the current place Mom was in that they were seeing no progress and they thought Mom was as good as she was going to get. Scary thought since Mom is barely mobile with help.

So SIL figured if Mom was going to be stuck in a nursing home situation she wanted her to be somewhere more pleasant, less clinical.

The place we visited was like a dream. They hold Jewish services on the grounds which sometimes include people from the community.  They put on plays! They have activities like pottery, cooking, painting! And the residents’ art was displayed on the walls. What impressed me most though was that the woman who showed us around knew every resident we encountered by name and greeted them with warmth and familiarity. This place has 200-something beds!

The bad news was that they were at 100% occupancy – no surprise. And there was an 8 month waiting list which we immediately added Mom to. Sad face.

Fast forward to last Thursday when we got a scare because Mom had to be taken to the emergency room again. She’d been catheterized for a while due to an inability to completely void her bladder and had developed a UTI. Not completely unusual in her situation, but she was also very dehydrated and because it was her second trip to the ER since she’d been at that facility, my SIL wanted to find somewhere else to take her when the hospital discharged her. 

Enter the Swedish social worker, or whatever they’re called. They found some places near the original one for SIL to check out which she was doing Saturday afternoon. Mom was due to be discharged Sunday and we really didn’t want her returning to the other place.

Then Sunday morning we got a text saying the hospital was keeping Mom one more night and when they discharged her she’d be going to the Jewish place we’d all loved! Way to bury the lead Sis!

Of course I had to ask what happened to the waiting list. Turns out that a patient being released from the hospital AND who is Jewish gets priority and jumps to the head of the line. Who knew?

Part of me feels bad that the person at the head of the waiting list will have to wait longer. But the other part of me is overjoyed! I am hopeful Mom will do better at this place, perhaps even make some friends, find a new desire to hang around.

So whether it’s a small miracle, the answer to our prayers or just karma shooting us a thumb’s up – I am so very grateful.

17 thoughts on “Small Miracles

  1. Congrats to you. I was in your shoes when we moved my mother from Michigan to go into a Jewish assisted care home in Orange County (CA). But there was a last minute snag similar to what you experienced, and my mother had to stay with me for about a month before she was finally accepted. The place was beautiful and had all kinds of activities along with an actual mini-temple for services… except she NEVER did anything except go to the meals. We just could not get her to become involved at all. But I hope your family has a good experience! Congrats again!

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  2. I’m so glad your mom has a nice place to stay! I hope to find a nice, affordable place for my mom to go to, after I die. Hopefully, near her grandson, in St Louis.

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      • I have stage 4 cancer. My last scan showed that my chemo meds have stopped the tumors from growing more, but I’ve got a lot of them. My dr won’t give me a time frame, she says different people react differently to the meds, but when I looked up the drugs, it said most poeple last about 2 years on it.

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      • Yeah, sorry for being such a bummer. :/

        I’m still able to take care of my mom in her house, just with extra help from friends and neighbors, because I’m not as strong as I used to be. But after I die, she won’t be able to stay in her house alone. We’re in a Chicago suburb, and my brother and nephew are in St Louis, so, I’m hoping to find a place near them, for her.

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