Unintended Irony

Last night I had to go for a pedicure.  And by “had to” I mean HAD TO!  My big toenails tend to become ingrown if I don’t have regular pedicures, and as I was overdue by about 2 weeks I knew it was past time to get my feet in there, while I could still walk.

I’ve been going to the same place for around 4 years off and on.  Sometimes I’ll be in another town visiting family or my best friend and we’ll go to their nail salon, but usually I give my business to one of the local places near my home.  It’s bright and cheery and often very, very busy.  They’ve always had a spa chair sized for children too in case you want to bring along the little ones and introduce them to the joys of a nice foot soak and/or bright polish.  That’s about all they do for the kids; there’s no cuticle trimming or pumicing – why would there be?  They have baby soft skin after all the little brats!  Uh…um, sorry, I meant the little darlings!  Of course I did.  You can’t prove otherwise!

Anyway, to get back to my point (I think I have one here somewhere), they recently updated their child’s chair.  I’ve not yet brought any of my grandkids with me so I never had any reason to notice the original chair.  Last night though I found myself really seeing the new chair which looks like this:

Child's pedicure chair

In case that image is too small, check out this detail:

Child's pedicure chair - detail

See it?  Do you see it people?  A mermaid.  And quite possibly a cousin or other relative of Ariel from Disney’s motion picture at that.

See what I mean about irony?  Unintentional of course.  If you’re not getting it let me expound.  You know how I love expounding!

One of Merriam-Webster’s simple definitions of irony is “a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems to be the opposite of what you expected”.  What the heck is a mermaid doing on a pedicure chair when a mermaid has no feet?!

See?  Unintentionally ironic.


21 thoughts on “Unintended Irony

  1. My granddaughter would LOVE this and never want to leave, or try to convince her mom that she had to have one at home. The only thing better, Cinderella, Rapunzel or Elsa and Anna, but I think she would still be okay with the Ariel twin.

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    • I went online to find the image and there’s a Hello Kitty version! Plus a butterfly. I never knew these existed and what I want to know is why isn’t there one designed for us grown ups? Maybe a nice, hard body to cradle us while we get pampered?

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  2. I am sooooo glad you popped in on my blog.. yeah, yeah we all like visitors and follows.. but in your case, you popped in when I really needed a laugh.. After seeing so many likes from you I clicked on over.. This post title piqued my interest right away.. I’m usually pretty quick at seeing the irony.. Not this time, my mind was only half on what I was reading.. Which made this even funnier for me.. I got to the punchline and laughed and said out loud “You Dumbass” pedicure, mermaid..duh.. I laughed at your story and at myself for “not getting it” 😂

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