Dental Haiku

I’m not proud of this effort but it had to be written.  My poor suffering mouth demanded it!

“Aggressive flossing,”
Said my dental hygienist,
“Is a big NO NO!”

“Tell that to my tongue,”
I replied, with emphasis.
“As it shreds itself!”



7 thoughts on “Dental Haiku

    • Hmm, I guess it really isn’t that clear. I did say I wasn’t proud of this. If I don’t have a flosser handy when there’s food stuck somewhere I wind up making my tongue sore trying to dislodge it. Then I get a little crazy with the flosser when I finally get where I can use it. And boy this fails on a bunch of levels now that I’m really looking at it.


      • I’m sorry Janey! I really didn’t mean to make you feel badly about your work. I thought it was cute and definitely see your sense of humor coming through which is one of the most important things for me, obviously. I just didn’t understand so I figured I’d ask! It makes sense now!!

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