Fortune Cookie Friday

It’s been some time since I posted one of these so how’s about a trifecta?

To get us started here’s one that’s more than a trifecta all on its own.

fortune cookie 2

I think I can handle capable, competent and creative, but how do I prove I’m careful?  Anyone? Anyone?

This one has some sage advice.

fortune cookie 3

Simple and to the point.  Sometimes simple truth has a strong impact.  The longer I live the more I understand the mistakes I made when I was younger.  For example, if I could write a letter to my 10-year old self I’d tell her, “Take care of your damn teeth!”

And finally, some good news!

Fortune cookie Friday

This one I share with all my readers.  May your 2016 be filled with love and light and happiness!  I so appreciate you taking time from your busy schedules to visit and comment.  I hope I never waste your time.



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