The Power of the Pedicure

I didn’t have my first pedicure till I was 50 55*. I’ll pause for a moment to let that sink in. To my male readers (and perhaps some of the female ones) this statement alone will be meaningless. Allow me expound.

Yesterday I took my best friend for a pedicure for her birthday. This morning I’m admiring my cheerful, polished toes. I emphasize polished because I mean it both literally and descriptively. Polished with bright red-gold enamel and as in “finished” or “put together”.

There’s a sense of confidence isn’t there when we feel polished or put together? I look at my toes and feel feminine while also feeling in control. I don’t often feel in control. It is a good feeling.

There is power in that feeling. Back to the fact I didn’t have my first pedicure till I was 50 55. While sitting here admiring my toes and recognizing their power, it occurred to me, what if I had had regular pedicures beginning in my 20s or 30s when I was so much more out of control? How would that power have impacted me then? Would my life look even a little different now if I had felt more powerful, more in control, more confident then?

Questions I’ll never have an answer for I know. But I think I may have to introduce my granddaughters to the power of the pedicure soon.

*Wishful thinking I guess but I realize now it was only four years ago, not nine.

10 thoughts on “The Power of the Pedicure

  1. Since you missed all those years, why don’t you spend 2016 trying to catch up. If you had one for each day, then that would be 366 pedicures. In real time, that means you will have to have a daily pedicure for almost 8 years. How ’bout it? Are you up to the challenge?

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  2. Well, I am not yet 50 and have never in my life had a pedicure. I had a manicure once because someone once got me a gift certificate and I really didn’t like it. It was painful and the women didn’t have any interesting colors. I don’t think I’m going back.

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      • Oh yeah, I bet! I went to an Asian woman who kept insisting I had to get rid of my cuticles or something like that. It was pretty painful. I think I left with the nail polish pretty intact but that’s about the only positive thing I can say about the experience.

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