Fortune Cookie Friday


I see this as a twisted version of “opposites attract”. Which is truer to life than I ever expected.

I cared enough to marry only two men in my life. What are the odds that both of them would be depressed, paranoid and lazy? BOTH of them!  Sigh. Maybe it’s me? I am the only thing they have in common after all.

That’s not to say I don’t have my lazy moments (have you ever seen industrial strength dust bunnies?). But I get up every morning and haul my not-so-happy ass to work whether or not I want to go because BILLS dammit!

I can get the blues on occasion too. Usually after several days of the  aforementioned butt-hauling to a job that isn’t nearly as much fun as it used to be. The difference between my blues and JD’s depression though is epic. He’s never been diagnosed as clinically depressed but a lot of the signs are there. He wouldn’t take the drugs anyway so it’s pointless to nag him. And he is better these days; he teases and plays with the grandkids which he didn’t do a lot of in the past.  That’s a good sign right? Right?

On the other hand, my blues are always temporary, can be relieved with a hot shower, a pedicure, or sleeping in. I would suggest a pedicure for JD but he has extremely ticklish feet. Go figure.

It seems oddest to me that both past and present husbands are paranoid. Both think, to one degree or another, that the universe has it in for them, the Government is run by (pick evil enslaver of your choice) and they can never get ahead because of it.

I’d call bullshit but hell, I don’t trust the government any more than they do. I don’t think little old me is in their cross hairs though. They have bigger fish to fry.

Well this escalated quickly from what is usually a light little feature to something a bit darker. Forgive me and don’t let this ruin your enjoyment of Friday. I’m not going to!

How do you interpret today’s fortune?

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