To Tweet or Not to Tweet

That is so not the question.  I started to join the Twitterverse back when my old blog was active but it just never clicked with me.  Every now and again I will get emails from Twitter reminding me that someone I follow has posted something COOL, or AWESOME, or INTERESTING.  When I get those emails I do what comes naturally – DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.  I’m already way too plugged in to electronics to voluntarily add another tether.

But I saw this image on which made me almost want to sign up again. Take a peek and see what I’m talking about:


It helps if you’re familiar with this song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis:

Was that awesome or what?  Hey, would Janey steer you wrong?


7 thoughts on “To Tweet or Not to Tweet

  1. People told me my literature degree wouldn’t be good for anything. Some even said it would be an impediment, and they were right. It’s pushing me to join Twitter, something I’ve successfully resisted for some time now.

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  2. So cool! Like you, I’ve tried Twitter but can’t seem to fathom it. It feels so impersonal and kind of like what I’d post on Facebook anyways, which is kind of the same as what I post on Instagram, except there I have to have a photo as well. Don’t need another platform with the same shit!

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