The Things You See

I imagine other people see some strange things on their daily commutes.  But can anyone out there say they’ve seen two flying outhouses?  Not one, but TWO!  I can say that.  This morning on the bus ride up from the train station I spied two port-a-potties swinging from one of the construction cranes across from my block.  My first thought was that I was seeing things but the way my twisted brain works, I quickly wondered whether anyone was inside.  Wouldn’t that be an E-ticket ride?  (If you’re too young to know what an E-ticket ride is than go ask Uncle Google.)

On my walk down to the station in the afternoon I pass a few skyscrapers, a YMCA, an independent gym, as well as City Hall and one of the courthouses.  Not to mention one of the ubiquitous Starbucks (yes only one).  The courthouse borders sort of an alley and across the alley is a tiny park which is usually populated by a lot of homeless people.  And pigeons.  During the summer months the scent of burning marijuana often drifts out from the park’s inhabitants and I’ve been known to speculate just how slow I’d have to walk to get a contact high.  Then I found myself wondering about the pigeons flocking through the park after scraps.  On my walk to the train the other day the birds seemed particularly numerous – covering most of the sidewalk – and they hardly moved when I and the other pedestrians strode through.  So  what do you think?  Are they getting high?  Or are they hanging out waiting for the munchies to hit the humans so they can gather up what’s left?

Inquiring minds want to know.


21 thoughts on “The Things You See

  1. I’ve noticed with squirrels that you just used to be able to stamp your feet and they’d run away. Now they kind of jump and seem to think ‘oh, you’re just a human. I’m not scared of you. It’s like they’re becoming immune to us and probably the same with the pigeons. They’ll probably breed into some sort of super creatures and kill us all someday.

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    • Sorry 😦 I’m terrible lately at keeping up with unapproved comments. Yours was quite creative and I’m only sorry I didn’t see it when you originally posted. So creative in fact that methinks you may have some experience with the wacky weed yourself! Second hand of course. Or not, whatever floats your boat I always say.

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  2. Frighteningly enough I’ve seen flying port-a-johns. Not on my way to work, but at work. I looked out the window of my office and said, “Holy mackerel, the TARDIS has gone redneck.” And I’ve also had pigeons perch on my arm and demand food. Non-stoned pigeons. They already have red eyes. RED EYES! When I think about how terrifying they could be when stoned I want to hop in one of those port-a-johns and fly away.

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