Banning Books…

Well I bet that got your attention!

But we’re not going there.  It isn’t books but words which are on the list to be banished.  Check out this article on the ABA Journal* website and see if your favorite-words-to-hate made this year’s list:

Which words would you banish if you could?

Be sure to read the comments.  I often find them more entertaining than the article.


*I am not a lawyer!  I do, however, work in a law firm and part of my job includes receiving the ABA Journal’s weekly email update.  Their “Question of the Week” feature often makes for an amusing few minutes on Fridays.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Banning Books…

  1. That is one epic article. Totally awesome. It drove me absolutely bonkers, reading it. Literally. Clearly it should be obvious how much I loved the comments. It’s amazing how the commenters utilize language to express their pet peeves. Of course, the article incentivized them. Irregardless of all that was said there, one wonders what happens to all those words. Prolly they just disappeared down that hole where the Cheshire Cat wentgone. Guess it leads Alice to some self-inducing barfing since it’s getting crowded down there. All those words falling on her head, that is. Hereafter, I hope the aforementioned words will be get some reconsideration. Notwithstanding that the language is already very crowded with so many misused, and I might say misspelled, words. The one word I would banish would be death or dead or died. Perhaps then we would all live forever. Wouldn’t that be nice? Oops, nice. Try again. Wouldn’t that be epic?

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  2. Sometimes I browse the Oxford English Dictionary, and I always feel a bit verklempt when I find a word marked “Obs.” With some words overused it’s deplorable that some should suffer desuetude. So I’d like to tender a proposition: around. Wait, that’s a preposition.
    Here’s my proposition: antediluvian words should be infused with new vitality. As a pastiche of other languages English encourages this kind of creativity.
    If I can enlist my BFFs this idea might go viral, but I have a feeling it’ll be an epic fail.

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