What is wrong with me?

Way back when I started this I said something about it being cheaper than therapy. Or maybe that was the original blog. Or I suppose I could have just thought it. Whatever. You often get what you pay for don’t you?

A lot of my posts are vents of frustration and anger and hurt, usually at someone else’s expense. It looks like I’ve been wrong all this time. The real problem is me. Apparently I attract crap.

More later, as time and life allow.

13 thoughts on “What is wrong with me?

  1. Life seems to attract crap. I’m sorry to say it’s not a particularly comforting thought, though.The good side is venting can be therapeutic, and venting here is cheaper than paying a therapist. Some people are even paid to vent. They’re standup comedians. However between the travel, the hecklers, the devious club owners, and various other issues the life of standup comedy is filled with more crap than anyone needs.

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  2. well according to Grace and Frankie (the netflix show with jane fonda and lily tomlin) blogging is therapy. it’s actually a funny line because lily drops it in quite, matter of fact.

    i can’t remember the episode as i’ve been making up for last week and watching a lot of episodes this week. but you’re welcome in my support group any time!

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