Gravitational Pull

Recently, fellow blogger AGMA made some observations about dating in the modern age, including a reference to the “spark” in a relationship.  You can check out her post here.  That post, combined with some of the comments and a song in my playlist rotation made me take a closer look at my marriage of almost 17 years.

JD and I regularly ask each other why.  Why do you love me?  Why are we still together after all the fuck ups?  And by fuck ups I don’t mean cheating – to my knowledge neither of us has strayed.  Who the hell would put up with us?  By fuck ups I mean the several thousand dollar purchase we made online that turned out to be worthless; or the loss of our home and land after struggling several years to save it.  And then there’s JD’s depression which can still obscure almost everything else at times.  Not to mention that we often disagree about finances.  (I would never have bought a 50” television on my own!)

So what does keep us together?  It’s an interesting question and I’m not sure I’ll ever have an answer that makes sense.  But Chris Ledoux’s song calls it gravitational pull.  That works for me.

13 thoughts on “Gravitational Pull

  1. First of all, thank you for mentioning my blog and post! And I love how it generated a whole waterfall of thoughts on your part and a fantastic post on your blog. I think lucimuses hit the nail on the head… Who knows why? Oh and Don is right too – I just don’t have the energy to start over training somebody new!

    My husband and I really aren’t a good match at all. We have very different appetites for certain things, very different interests, very different backgrounds and different social needs. If I made a list, the differences would far outweigh the similarities. I really, really have a difficult time living with him at times. But then I can’t imagine living without him – he’s a part of my DNA and cellular structure now. Maybe it’s love? 🙂

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    • I LOVE that reference to him being part of your DNA and cellular structure! JD and I had bounced around in the same neighborhoods for years without ever meeting. One or the other of us was either married or in a relationship in any event. It wasn’t until we both wound up in Nevada via completely different routes that we met. We’ve always thought it was meant to be. I for one don’t feel like messing around with fate. 😉

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