Or to put it more clearly – SHIT!  Fuck!  Double damnit!

Yesterday, I got a call from the only other secretary in the department who comes close to me in seniority.

“Can you come down to my desk?”

Since L had recently been very, very ill I was of course reasonably concerned.  But when I got there she lead me into an empty area that used to house our word processing people where we could talk privately.  Uh oh.

“I’m leaving the firm.”

Sheee-it!  Uh oh is right.

L is probably the BEST litigation secretary I know.  She’s a wealth of knowledge and will be sorely missed by attorneys and secretaries alike.  Now we’re waiting breathlessly to find out whether or not the Poobahs in the home office will replace her.  Rumor has it they aren’t replacing K, whose last day is tomorrow.  K’s in another department so that shouldn’t impact my team, but you never know and the precedent is scary.

I wish there was some way to understand the mindset of the Poobahs.  Oh wait, that’s right … lower employment costs through attrition = more money in their pockets.






11 thoughts on “Merde!

  1. I feel for you. In the job I just retired from, City government, they laid off tons of people including the recreation division clerical staff, who, as you know, does most of the work 🙂 It was horrible and put me on the road to retirement. My job as aquatics director was hard enough let alone do ALL the HR stuff. Dumb arse management strikes again! Hopefully, they will give you some help!!

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    • She volunteered that she was going to a different firm. Ever since ours was taken over a while back the environment has deteriorated, so I get it. If it weren’t for the attorneys I support I might already have left. But I love my group, they make it bearable.

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  2. Perhaps I can be of assistance. I’m an experienced Tree trimmer seeking employment in any unrelated, indoor field that requires minimal effort. Applicant can type 13.5 words per minute with 74% spelling accuracy. Other skills include tv watching, toaster struedle making, and amusing odd behavior. Wages negotiable.

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