Dadgumit Word Press!

This morning I posted what I thought was a copy of an earlier post with revised content.  I wanted the original post to remain and the revised one to be a new post.  How difficult is that?  Turns out it’s pretty darn difficult.

But we won’t go into all my frustrations there.  Suffice it to say, the old post updated with the revised content and because WP handled it that way it won’t show up in anyone’s reader as a new and improved post.  Darn it.

So for those of you with any interest, the revised post is here.

And hey – thanks very much for stopping by!



7 thoughts on “Dadgumit Word Press!

  1. Glad to stop by. It’s always hard to pass your house by. It has such a friendly smile what with the white picket fence. I would up and knock on your door but just can’t stay too long. But the coffee sure smells good. And knowing you, I am sure the conversation bout beats anything.

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