Beer – Updated

Today I saw that the photo challenge was to show what yellow means to you in this festive season of many other colors.  Well, I could have taken a photo of the pack of Juicy Fruit which stays on my desk for the attorneys who wander by now and again.  But I already had this perfectly good post just sitting here and one of the remaining shots below is YELLOW!  Of course it’s the sample I liked least, but you can’t have everything, now can you?  If you’ve figured out how to have everything would you pass that secret along?  😀

Enough said usually. But I suppose I should  elaborate. These six shots of awesome make up the beer sampler at Rock Bottom where we met to exchange calendars.


As you can see, I didn’t think to take the darn photo till after I tried the ones on each end. Hey, proof my brain works better on beer! The one on the left was called Kolsch (except the o had a sideways colon over the top, whatever that is called). Its counterpart was the brewery’s special release, something with Elf in the name. And an elevated alcohol level that keeps them from serving more than 10 ounces at a time ~ when you order it individually . Sweet!

No wait, the sweet one is the dark one next to the empty on the right. I hadn’t ever tried a beer that was slightly sweet. Yum!

There was an IPA, a red ale and something literally  in between. I’m not a fan of IPAs and this one didn’t win me over though it was okay. The center one wasn’t too memorable – obviously, but the red was really good.

So there you have it. I’m not a beer connoisseur but if we go back there I’ll definitely remember the ones I liked. Now I’m on the last train out headed home. Have a nice night peeps. Happy early Friday!


14 thoughts on “Beer – Updated

  1. Sounds like fun anyway. In Las Vegas there is a Coca Cola store and on the top floor there is a soda bar where you can order small sample cups of soda from all over the world. Some of them are pretty gross but it’s kind of fun. This reminded me of that!


  2. if i understand you, the sideways colon’s called an umlaut. i’m guessing more beer would help that sink in! cheers. i’m a guinness beer man myself, but i’ll reach for a quilmes just as often. though, beers with higher alcohol content can be tasty.

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