Pleasantly Numb – CORRECTED

Tonight I indulged in two glasses of a lovely Chardonnay by Canyon Canoe Ridge. I think. I emailed the name and vintage to my work address to post tomorrow but decided not to wait. I wanted to capture the feeling in the moment, you know?

It was about half full when I started and it may have been a bit more than 2 glasses. Hell, I didn’t measure and I was preparing the side dishes to go with the slow cooked turkey thighs JD made so I wasn’t paying attention.

It was a busy day with three secretaries out. That meant in addition to the four attorneys I usually support I covered four others. One was traveling, another had just returned from vacation and went home early due to jet lag but that still left six total.

It’s probably a good thing my lips started to go numb. Otherwise I might have finished the bottle. And I may need that last glass tomorrow.


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