Wow it feels like forever

since I was here last but it’s only been a few days.  How does that happen?  No sorry, that was a rhetorical question, don’t bother answering.

So, Charlie’s story is still not quite complete but I am working on it.  I’ve also been battling what I HOPE are allergy symptoms (as opposed to a nasty cold).  This week has been a blur of work (getting out invoices to clients is so much fun), commuting and going to bed as early as I can possibly manage.  I even turned down a dinner out last night because I was so exhausted.  JD was very sweet and made me an omelet which I noshed on in front of the TV.  I was in bed shortly after 9 PM again, which is unheard of for me.

All that aside, I wanted to catch my peeps up on the happenings in the Doe household.  Over Thanksgiving weekend we had three – count’em! – three family encounters and there was absolutely NO bloodshed!  I count that as a win.

Because my best friend and my favorite daughter both had to work the Friday after Thanksgiving, family encounter one involved us driving to the Peninsula to have a restaurant Thanksgiving with them and the daughter’s beau.  We had so much fun and Shari’s put on a nice enough Thanksgiving dinner for a restaurant.  I got to have cherry pie for the first time in forever!  Yum!  Afterward, because the friend needed to get to bed early (her alarm goes off at 2:30 in the freaking AM people!) we said goodbye to her there and then followed the kids over to see their new place.  After hanging out there awhile we headed home.

Family encounter two was on Friday at our other daughter’s home.  This is the one I was most concerned about as it included not only my mother, sister and brother in-laws, it also included The Ex-Wife.  My husband’s niece and her beau were up from Oregon too.  Needless to say, I drank wine – a LOT of wine, and as I said earlier, no blood was shed.

From there we headed up to a small tourist town in Northern Washington where we were going to meet JD’s biological father for the very first time.  No pressure or anything!

The drive took a really long time; or maybe it just felt longer because it was night time and I was way tired.  We got to the inn about 10 PM and checked in.  What we had not planned on was the freezing temperatures.  There’d been torrential rainfall in our neck of the woods when we left but the temps were moderate.  So I was wearing a zip-up fleece with a rain jacket over it; not at all suitable for below freezing temps!  Thank goodness the inn had an incredibly good heater!

Sadly, the overindulgence in wine wreaked havoc with my digestive system and I was up and down all night visiting the lovely porcelain god.  And the tile floor was so icy even wearing slippers didn’t help so when I wasn’t answering nature’s call I was shivering under the blankets trying to sleep.  It made for a very long night.

But thankfully I was better in the morning and I still woke before JD!  So I pulled on clothes, took the dog out to empty her bladder and gave her biscuit.  Then I hiked over to the inn’s lounge (hiked may be an overstatement; it was directly across the driveway from our room) and took advantage of what they called a continental breakfast.  The coffee was heaven; and I even indulged in a mini sweet roll while I called the man who had donated his sperm to create my big palooka of a husband.

I think we all have some familiarity with the story of an adopted kid who has dreamed their REALLY REAL parents will come and save them, right?  Or perhaps when you were growing up you went through a phase where you hoped you were adopted so your real parents who were either wealthy, royal or super heroes would come and rescue you.

JD knew from an early age that his biological father was no longer in the picture and when I started looking for my father’s family earlier this year we also put out some inquiries about his.  Lo and behold we discovered he was still alive and resided less than 2 hours away!   Now to be clear, JD doesn’t consider B to be his REAL father; only his biological father.  His real father is the man who married his mother when he was around 1 and then proceeded to adopt all three of her children.  He’s the one who taught him to ride a bike, drive a car, etc.  That said, JD was curious about his bio dad and thus we made arrangements to meet him.

IT WAS AWESOME!  Okay, I may be exaggerating, but I loved the little town and I loved him.  And all his friends.  He knows everyone in town!  Or almost.  Plus?  The absolute cherry on the sundae is that he worked at Walt Disney back when WALT was there!  His first meeting with Walt was when he almost ran him down on his way to grab coffee!

So to sum up, Thanksgiving weekend was a blast.  We had wonderful family time; got to meet new family and enjoyed a nice little respite from home.  Other than freezing my a$$ off most of the weekend, I loved every minute of it. Including the Coconut Banana Pancakes I had Saturday morning!  YUMMMMY!

Happy weekend Peeps!


11 thoughts on “Wow it feels like forever

    • Not at all. And I think you and he would have a lot in common. He was an animator back in the day but now he paints – beautiful seascapes along with some more contemporary modern stuff that I also enjoyed. When he gets me the painting I wanted (if he remembers, he IS 84 after all ;)) I’ll take a photo and send it to you. Apparently he’s well known locally and donates a lot of his paintings for fund raising efforts in the area.


  1. glad the weekend went so swell. my thanksgiving was fun and long. kinda weird, jd’s bio dad worked at and met walt disney b/c i just watched ‘saving mr. banks’ over the weekend – well maybe it’s just weird to me. still it made the whole walt disney era seem interesting. any wines you remember worth recommending?


    • Both JD’s mom and his bio dad agree on that. Bio dad was too young and immature during that period. He admitted as much to JD in their emails exchanges before we even met him. As you might imagine there are conflicting stories about HOW it all came to pass, but they both agree it was because he wasn’t ready at the time to be a family man.

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