It can’t just be me

This is where I park my truck when I catch the train on work days.

parking garage interior.png

See that speed bump?  It is wicked high!  And there is one on every level coming in and going out.  I know they’re trying to slow down drivers; hell, the garage’s speed limit is supposed to be 5 mph.  I’m constantly amazed at how fast people take these things; don’t they know what they’re doing to their suspension and alignment?

I’m very, very patient.  I generally wait until the mass exodus has slowed to a trickle and then I put the Beast in gear and head out.  By the time I’m on my way home the lower levels of the garage are mostly empty, leaving lots of empty space on either side of those nasty speed bumps.

Kind of like this, but with speed bumps down the middle:

parking garage interiorSo is it just me or does an empty garage WITH speed bumps make anyone else think of this (specifically 35-37 seconds in):

I apologize for the poor quality of the video and audio.  Believe it or not this was the only clip I could find online that included this scene.

Whenever I get to slalom around those speed bumps I hear Sid’s voice in my head.  How awesome is that?


16 thoughts on “It can’t just be me

  1. Good for you. Embarrassingly, I am one of those who speeds over speed bumps. I used to be worse. Now I try to slow down but sometimes I don’t make it. I admire your patience. I would probably be one to sneak out of work like 15 minutes early just to be the first out of the parking lot!!

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    • That doesn’t work in my case as the garage is at the train station. Almost everyone getting off the train at my stop is leaving from the garage. I live only 2.5 miles from the station so I’m fine waiting.


      • Oh, I get it now. I think I had the scenario reversed…car to train not train to car, which would actually make no sense now that I think about it! Okay, so I’d be the one plowing down everyone in my path in an effort to be at my car first!! (Just kidding…maybe…)

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