Life Changing – UPDATED

Since I’ve already mentioned I’m “so not into” branding my blog or doing anything specific with respect to growing it, I thought I’d update this post instead of following the Blogging 201 assignment today.  I guess I am that student.  Oh well.  On with the update!

I shared Estrella’s article below with my daughter K a little while ago.  Last Monday she started a new job which she had been wanting for. freaking. ever.  The first thing she did on the work computer was set up a new password per Estrella’s suggestions.  Yesterday she called me as I was headed home to tell me her first goal has already been met!  Her new password was a form of “new car” and Saturday, my friend P gave a car to my daughter!  

While it’s hardly a new car, it IS new to K.  A pretty car it isn’t, but it runs strong and with some regular maintenance it will get her around while she saves toward something a little newer.  She’s already trying to decide what her next password/goal should be.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the original post below and then Estrella’s article.  

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment was to share some of the blogs I follow so other readers might be awed by their glory … or something like that.  Since I messed around last week with my sidebar and added the Blogs I Follow grid I think I’ve got that covered.  So instead, here’s a semi-real post!

I recently stumbled across an interesting article and it was so wonderful I had to share.  Mauricio Estrella makes a good argument for loving your passwords people.  I can’t speak to its effectiveness yet because while I did change my password straight away, it wasn’t really a quantifiable choice.  I need to rethink what my goal is and make another change before I make any judgment.

If you try this I’d love to hear how it goes.  Have a great week everyone!

How a Password Changed My Life.


12 thoughts on “Life Changing – UPDATED

  1. I’m admitting PUBLICLY that I missed the original post. I know, I’m fired….However, after reading this one I clicked the link like a good little girl & thoroughly enjoyed both the article and the authors writing style, so thanks for that my friend…Here’s my problem with changing all of my passwords; I’ll never, EVER remember what I’ve changed them to. Like, seriously will be locked out of all my shit. It’s a middle age thing, or a stressed out thing, possibly an early onset dementia thing, take your pick. Point is, my brain no longer retains new information, but I can recite the phone # for Pizza Hut in Olathe KS anytime you need it even though i haven’t lived there for almost 20 years. I supposed I could use 6488888$Ph for a password but that will hardly help facilitate any of my current goals… Delima, I has one…

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    • Hahaha! Yeah, if we weren’t forced to change our passwords every __ days I’d still be using P@$$word! I just write it down when I first change it for work. After a couple of days, it’s usually memorized.

      I have to look up passwords for other stuff, like my paypal or amazon accounts. I don’t use them often enough.


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