Honorary Goonie

Today’s Daily Prompt asked us to put ourselves in a favorite movie. For me, it was a toss-up. I raised my kids during the 80s and 90s and two of our very favorites were Adventures in Babysitting and The Goonies. I went hunting through our movie collection and discovered I still have a copy of The Goonies, so in lieu of trying to hunt down video clips on my Smartphone I’ve decided to re-watch it in all its glory.

I so wish I could have gone along with the four boys to look for One-eyed Willie’s treasure. I always felt out of place when I was growing up, much like Mike, Mouth, Chunk and Data. How cool would it have been to have crazy friends to go adventuring with?  Riding bicycles all over, staying out till after dark and scaring each other silly.

Mike’s certainty that the “rich stuff” is there waiting to be discovered is unwavering. I would like to be so certain about ANY thing. His deepest desire, to save his and his friends’ homes is a worthy goal which leads the group on a scary, rollercoaster of a ride.

I won’t give any more away, it’s too good to ruin it in case you want to see it yourself for the first time.  The Goonies may not have a deep, riveting plot, but I found it entertaining and even inspiring.

Now, the gang has reached the wishing well and I need to focus on the movie.  I hope you check it out.


6 thoughts on “Honorary Goonie

  1. I would have loved being Benjamin in The Graduate. Unfortunate I was more like Gomer in Gomer Pyle. But if I could be in any movie right now, I would want to be The Great Pirate Roberts. He got the girl.


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