The Great Undies Debate OR Too Much Information

WARNING:  This post discusses underwear.  You know, that soft (if you’re lucky) stuff you wear next to your skin, under your clothing?  Or maybe you don’t; I’m not here to judge.  I just want you to be aware of what’s coming so you can opt out now if you choose.


Still here?  Alrighty then.

My daughter and I talk about almost everything.  Earlier this week I sent her a text:

“Okay weird and awkward question.  Do you have a specific brand you find more comfortable than others in thongs? I’m beginning to think I should try a pair at least when I’m exercising.”

Her response:

“Hehehehe‼! Just made my whole morning! They are super comfy, Mom! You won’t regret it‼…”

The conversation then moved onto sizing which would be way too much information.

We’ve had the panty vs. thong discussion a few times.  I don’t see how they can be comfortable but she loves them.  I’ve been mostly happy with my cotton hipsters for years but I recently started working out under the supervision of a physical therapist.  You try bird dogs on an exercise ball and see where your underwear winds up!  It feels like I’m being garroted – only not around my neck.

After a few weeks of this I’m starting think an experiment is in order.  It’s okay, I won’t post the results.  That’s a bit out there even for me.

However, for those of my readers brave enough – panties or thongs?  Please answer in the comments.

So the guys aren’t left out (should any still be reading that is), boxers or briefs?

Hmm?  Anyone?

Have a supercalifragilistic weekend everyone!



11 thoughts on “The Great Undies Debate OR Too Much Information

  1. When I exercise I usually only ‘wear’ liners (Carefree original liners). As I am not comfortable working out in thongs and don’t like how you can see the other kind of undies. The liners are good as they should keep you from having a ‘camel toe’ issue ;-)… There were many fitness instructors (when I used to work as one) who did the same. But it all comes dow to what feels comfortable for you…


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  3. I tried for years to wear thongs, and I just can’t do it. Something about the permawedgie instantly flips my rage switch and I end up walking around all day waiting for someone to give me an excuse to tear their face off a la She Hulk. I suspect the people who claim they are sooooooo comfortable are having us all on.


    • I doubt my daughter would wear them if she didn’t find them comfortable. She’s pretty strong-willed. But yeah, I’ve always thought of them as butt floss and I just can’t get accustomed to that feel! 😣


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