Just Juxtaposing

Don’t mind me, I’m just over here juxtaposing my music.  What?  You never juxtaposed your music?  What about your clothes?  Or maybe your interior design?  Didn’t you know juxtaposing is the new black?  Oh wait, that’s orange isn’t it?  It’s hard to keep up.

The dictionary defines juxtapose thusly:


verb \ˈjək-stə-ˌpōz\

: to place (different things) together in order to create an interesting effect or to show how they are the same or different

jux·ta·posed, jux·ta·pos·ing

There I was, just standing on the train this morning rocking out to AC/DC.  If you’d told me 10 years ago that I’d be enjoying AC/DC I’d have called a psychiatrist for you.  For the longest time I didn’t even know I was hearing AC/DC on the radio … and LOVING them!  JD started my education in music appreciation by grilling me about songs as they came over the radio.  Who was singing?  What was the song?  Was it a band or a solo performer?  Like that.  I’m still abysmal at identifying a lot of them, but I can almost always get Steve Miller, Tom Petty and Ozzy.

But back to my morning – AC/DC are blasting away on Up to My Neck in You, a song I’ve heard only a handful of times but love already.

I’m not full-out dancing but anyone watching can tell I’m enjoying the music, beating time on my umbrella handle, on the pole I’m using for support, tapping my foot.  Hell, if it hadn’t been so crowded I might have danced a bit!  No, I’m lying; I’d never dance in public – well not on the train anyway.  Take me to a club and give me a beer or three and I’d be all over that dance floor.  😉

We’re still outside the station a ways when AC/DC ends and the next song begins.  Thanks to shuffle, the very next song is Wrapped Up In You by Garth Brooks.

Two completely different types of music, but both express the same feelings, the same emotion.  The language of music includes dialects that are 180 degrees apart.  For so long I listened only to what I was familiar or comfortable with.  Now that I’ve learned how much richer it is to have a wide-ranging, variety of music in my library, I’ve become a music explorer.  When someone posts about a band or singer they like I make a note to check them out.  When I hear an especially haunting track played during a favorite television program, I go looking for it.  For example, I absolutely adore The Vespers!  I never would have known about them except I watched the series Longmire before it was surprisingly cancelled (do NOT get me started on that!).  The Vespers’ song Lawdy was featured during an intense scene and it was absolutely beautiful!

What dialects do you listen to?  Do you actively seek new artists?  Who are your favorites?


8 thoughts on “Just Juxtaposing

  1. While 80s rock (Metallica, Steve Vai, Ozzy, Iron Maiden etc) is always my favorite go-to music, my musical preferences really depend on my moods and I have Pandora stations for almost every possible circumstance. For example, “She Hangs Brightly” consists of musicians like Charming Hostess, Alma Cogan and Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs. “Traveling in my Caravan” consists of artists like Gregory Page, Dr. Steel and The John Kirkpatrick Band. A bad day at work results in the engagement of my station, “Factory-Weary Proletarians” which plays Rammstein, Apocalyptica and Eisbrecher. When writing, I usually listen to jazz. John Pizarelli is one of my favorites. Strange, I know…


  2. Not at all strange! John Pizarelli is the only name there that I actually recognize! Other than those in your first sentence I mean ;). So I’m off to make a list and research them on Pandora! Thanks for the tips!


  3. Music can change my mood for the better like nothing else can! I’ve often marveled at the juxtaposing nature of a good ipod shuffle. Thanks for these, and for turning me onto the Vespers. My go-to for a mood lift has been Lyle Lovett for the past 20 years. I also love me some outlaw country (Willie, Waylon and the boys) and am really enjoying Robert Plants’ new material; http://www.robertplant.com/. Also, JJ Gray and Mofro, Damien Rice, A Fine Frenzy, Griffin House, Hayes Carll (listen to KMAG YOYO), Justin Townes Earl (Look The Other Way), Michael Francasso (Naked Fool), Ozomatli (After Party)…. And I’d be remiss if I left out my favorite females: Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams, Mary Gauthier. One of my all-time favorite TV theme songs was the Saving Grace song by Everlast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxu21fYnKMw Enjoy! Sorry if I went overboard….music is as important to me as breathing 🙂


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