A guy goes into a bar

Not really.  Well sure, SOMEWHERE there’s a guy walking into a bar I guess.  But it’s not quite 6 AM on the west coast so the bars aren’t even open yet.  Anyway, this random guy on the elevator the other day told me a joke.

“What’s the difference between outlaws and in-laws,” says he.

“Um …”

“It’s a 180-degree difference,” he goes on.  “Outlaws are wanted!”

We shared a laugh, wished each other a good day and exited the elevator.

They say timing is everything.  Guess who’s coming to dinner on Saturday?  It ain’t the outlaws, damn it.


(Pay no attention to my red face.  This was originally posted at 5:54 AM (ish) this morning.  Unfortunately, I trusted my “Smart” phone and the WP app to put it where it was supposed to go, where I wanted it to go, which was here on my blog.  Damned smarty pants app didn’t tell me that I had to direct it!  So it was up on The Commons for maybe a few minutes before being removed.)


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