Say Your Name

I’m already pretty satisfied with my blog’s name and tagline so I won’t be tweaking those, at least not now.  However, today’s Blogging 101 assignment triggered a memory that’s worth sharing … or not – your mileage may vary.

Many moons ago I was a regular churchgoer.  It was my lifeline in the midst of a bad marriage.  The family I found there were loving and supportive.  It was a family of families if you get my meaning. The pastor and his wife and son were the heads of our tiny congregation and my very best friends. The pianist/choir director/Sunday school teacher was my next bestest friend back then.  Loretta could always bring a smile to your face.  And her hugs?  Oh my God (no pun intended)!

I remember Loretta explaining how she taught her children their address when they were very young.  The family lived on a street called Sayre.  Loretta made a game of it and taught them the number of their house and then had them recite, “Say your street” until they remembered it on their own.

When I saw “Say Your Name” this morning it was sort of bittersweet.  On the one hand it made me feel all fuzzy and warm; on the other, I’ve lost touch with all of those dear friends, and my pastor and his wife are gone now.  There’s a hole in my life that they used to fill and I think I’m still trying to find something to fit there; maybe nothing will exactly.  Maybe I’m not supposed to fill it.

What do you think, Dear Reader?



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