Personality you say?  Our GPS device has it in spades!  Multiple personalities if you want the truth.  Every time my husband gets tired of the voice he changes it, and it seems to change how the GPS behaves.

Currently, Gigi has an Australian accent and quirkily mispronounces street and highway names.  I’ve even heard her call one of our roads by a completely different name – something actually in Australia I believe.

My favorite voice though has to be the Yeti.  Even though we call Gigi “she”, the Yeti is definitely male.  You can see what I mean by multiple personalities?  The first time Yeti was telling us how to get where we needed to be JD decided he had to have a conversation with him.

Yeti would grunt out a direction (literally grunt – nothing remotely understandable) and JD would answer in equally indecipherable grunts.  JD is notorious for not following the GPS’ directions, at least until we get to the freeway.  Gigi would have us hitting a major thruway with multiple lights when we know a back way that is much shorter.  When JD takes a turn different from what the GPS has instructed, Yeti’s grunts actually sound angry and JD will grunt right back at him that he knows what he’s doing – or something like that.

The first time they “communicated” like this for several minutes until I was laughing so hard I was in tears!  It doesn’t translate well to the written word – you had to be there, but trust me – I COULD NOT BREATHE!

With Halloween coming on I think we may need to download a few new personalities.  Count Dracula anyone?



4 thoughts on “GIGI

    • I know, right? To be fair, JD only ignores it until we get into unfamiliar territory. Once we’re out of our comfort zone he usually follows it. Or if there’s a problem requiring we detour he’ll use it for that. We play our music through it too so it serves a double purpose on our road trips.


  1. My friend and I once went on an 8,000 mile trip with 2 GPS’s–his and mine. We called them both “mother” because they were such nags…and when we turned them both on at the same time, they invariably gave us different directions to the same place. “His” tended to take us by the route with the least mileage–many times over non-existent roads or such tiny streets that it doubled our time! Now we leave one “mother” home. Judy


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