Daily Prompt Zoltar’s Revenge

Hmm, so I get to go back to junior high school at 12 years old knowing what my fabulous 57 year old self knows?  Hot damn yes!  I’m in!

I was a fat, frumpy and four-eyed 12 (not to mention 13, 14…you get the picture).  And it bothered me what others thought about me.  Or to be completely clear – what I thought others thought about me bothered me.  Sure, most of the other girls were cuter, skinnier, and dressed way better at 12 than I ever did before I hit my 30s.  But the fact is they were probably as insecure as I was; what 12 year old is secure?  Please do NOT burst my bubble and tell me you were secure at 12!  Keep that little secret to yourself thank you.

Besides my physical appearance, I was pretty shy which often was perceived as snooty or snobby or standoffish.  I just hated the idea of being rejected or having my feelings hurt and rather than risk it I kept to myself.  So what would be different if I went back to 12 year old me now?  Well on the one hand I’d know that I turn out okay – that would go a long way to boosting my confidence.  Then there’s the whole career choice dilemma – I know, I know!  Who the hell chooses a career at 12!?  Not me!  Or is it not I?  I never do get those straight.  Back to career choices though – if I could go back knowing what I do now?  I’d go into library science!  Scintillating it’s not.  But books have always been my best friends.  When I was young I buried myself in books to escape my home life.  One summer I read practically every book in the school library or so said the librarian in charge of the summer program.

I’ve often thought I should have been a librarian – I’d get to do two of my most favorite things:  handle books of all kinds and organize!  What?  I’m easily entertained; is that a problem?  Plus?  I’d definitely lean toward being a school librarian.  I never wanted to be a teacher but school librarian would rock!  Handling books, introducing children to the joy and adventure of reading?  PLUS every summer off?  Beat that!

So, when does the time machine leave?



5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Zoltar’s Revenge

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  2. Heard somewhere that our life is like an arrow which has left its bow, all actions and events are inevitable. All our wise moves and our follies too, are just as per the plan. I think even if we go back in time, we can just relive it and we wont be permitted to nudge it even an inch. What do you say?


  3. I’ve always liked the idea of going back to a younger age while knowing what my adult self knows. I’d love to have had the gumption to kick the guy in the balls who tried to rape me when I was in junior high. I don’t like the sound of going back in time and not being able to change anything. Especially if I’m back as a 12 year old me with 57 year old me’s mind. How awful would that be? You KNOW in your head you could do things differently but you have to watch 12 year old you make the same choices, mistakes, etc? Yikes! Thanks for the thought-provoking comment!


  4. First, would I even want to go back & relive those teenage years?? Hell NO! I’d like my time machine to stop at 22 thankyouverymuch!

    Second, if someone offered me a kajillion bucks to go back to Jr. High I’d go, & teach my angst ridden tweener self that 1. After High School Guys don’t give 2 hoots about those extra pounds as long as a good portion of said extra pounds are in your bra. 2. The Human male will NOT in fact explode from lack of kanoodling. 3. School is important, quit goofing off. And lastly, DO NOT think that life is complete only if you have a Big Strong Man to take care of you. Get your education, start a career & TAKE CARE OF YOUR DAMN SELF!

    The end.


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